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Halsband Sterling silver
Fåglar Halsband Sterling silver Krokar Hjärtstaken

I work with wire craft or wire art. This technique can be combined with recycled metal items like food tins, rings from beer cans or other beautiful waste. Lately I have focused more and more on recycled items.

On my website you find a selection of my craft that is for sale. You are welcome to order directly from me or you can contact one of my retail partners.

Chandeliers >>

Jewellery >>

I make jewellery from different types of wire, recycled food tins and other beautiful, interesting recycled metal. Please note that the pins and hooks of all ear rings are sterling silver.

Garden art >>

Flower support sticks and beautiful “eternal” flowers made from recycled food cans.

Other products >>

Art >>

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries

Birgitta Persson